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Many men sooner or later come across the problem when they find themselves unable to reach and sustain erection. When such a “slip” happens, the majority of males tries to find out the possible causes of it. However, they prefer not to seek medical advice, but to try to find answers and deal with the problem on their own. This may include looking for the information on the Internet, buying widely advertised supplements or even visiting psychics.


This way of thinking and acting is absolutely unacceptable. Without understanding the actual reasons for erectile dysfunction, it is impossible to successfully treat this illness. Unless the problem with erection has striken you only once and due to fatigue or lethargy, you have to receive adequate medical assistance. Only a specialist can find out what has caused difficulties in achieving solid erection. 


There are many factors that can cause erectile dysfunction. Psychological are among the most common ones. Stress, psychic tension, depression and other more serious disorders may lead to problems with potency.


Solid erection may be affected by a wide range of different medications, supplements, and also alcohol and other psychoactive substances. It is considered that smokers are much more prone to impotency than non-smokers. Some other factors such as the lack of physical activity and the excess of mental work load may also matter to a considerable extent.

Impotency may be the result of various health disorders. These usually concern either problems with the reproductive system itself or systematic diseases that affect the whole organism. Such diseases as diabetes, ischemia, atherosclerosis, high blood-pressure and others can be mentioned as examples.


In order to distinguish between a large number of factors that can cause impotency and to assign effective erectile dysfunction treatment, specialists (andrologists) use advanced diagnostic equipment and techniques. Every case is examined separately and in depth so that the diagnosis is most accurate. For the examination to be more comprehensive, andrologists usually operate in close connection with psychologists.   


When the causes are clear, an individual treatment plan is worked out. Ed treatment may include prescribing special medications, curing associated diseases, receiving physiological assistance, physiotherapy, etc. In more serious cases surgical interference may be required.     

Therefore, such a variety of medical techniques and modern equipment gives almost any patient the opportunity to restore his erectile strength and bring his life back to normal. One should not practice self-treatment, but should treat erectile dysfunction by consulting professionals.      


Coping with an erection problem is a well-known male issue, no matter when it comes – early on in one’s life or later. Ability ‘to get it up’ spells virility. And when a ‘slip’ happens, most men would rather keep it to themselves. Instead of going out and getting professional consultation they would delve into the Internet surfing for information on the subject, order hyped-up supplements or even try to resolve it with the assistance of psychics, etc.



This kind of thinking and acting is plain wrong. Erectile dysfunction can have a variety of causes. Before looking for a cure, it is essential to understand why it happens, in the first place. An occasional failed erection can be explained away by stress, exhaustion or apathy. Otherwise one should get qualified medical help. Only a doctor can determine what is behind the lack of sufficient erection.



Many, if not most, cases of erectile dysfunction (ED) are deemed to be psychological. Stress, strain, depression and graver things can easily affect a male’s ability ‘to perform’.



Keeping a solid erection can be impaired by the intake of certain medications, alcohol, psychoactive drugs or supplements. Smokers, too, are believed to run more risk than non-smokers. Other contributing factors include insufficient physical activity or prolonged mental exertion.




ED may result from a number of health problems - from disorders in the reproductive system itself as well as from chronic conditions affecting body on the whole such as “cluttered” arteries, diabetes, ischemia, high blood-pressure, etc.




For correct diagnostics, including all the conjoint factors, andrologists (reproductive health doctors) must use advanced equipment and special techniques. One should remember that each case of erectile dysfunction is very individual. Therefore andrologists co-operate with psychologists. Only then an adequate ED treatment can be assigned.    




When it is impossible to determine what exactly causes the ED, specialists work out a personal treatment plan. It may include a course of medication, a physiotherapy course, psychological therapy, treatment for accompanying diseases. In serious cases, surgery may be prescribed.       

Combined therapy based on modern diagnostics gives a chance to almost any patient. It is possible to treat erectile dysfunction and return back to normal life as a male. Instead of finding ‘cures’ on one’s own it is advisable to get professional help for erectile dysfunction.



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