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Most Hilarious April Fool

A practical joke played by an unknown author on copypasters


Copywriting or copypasting? The naive client can be easily duped by unscrupulous authors. The WWW abounds in them, but sometimes it backfires. The following is one of the best April Fools I've stumbled upon - an EPIC joke played by the anonymous writer on those who copy texts to profit by others' skills. 



There is an online daily edition in RuNet, with the ambitious title of “The School of Life”. It publishes short articles submitted by various authors. Each one earns the author a bonus of 1 WMZ (webmoney equivalent of $1). So aspiring writers are many, and the moderation is very arrogant. The edition poses as a high-profile online magazine packed with interesting facts and practical knowledge.



One 1st of April, the topmost article was about April Fools' Day in the US. In a short preambula, the author – a master (a virtual degree at “The School of Life”, second only to grand-master) – told readers how the tradition started. According to him or her, it was brought to the New World by European colonizers. Another version had it that the holiday went back in time a little more orignating in indigenous traditions. In the beginning of month April, native Indian tribes presumably celebrated a certain cheerful goddess, whose name was Sita. Unlike other scary gods of local pantheon, this one was full of mirth. Jovial escapades on Sita's day were meant to enlist the sympathies of the kind and merry deity for the rest of the year.



Everything looked fine. Happy commentators hailed the article until one user (yours truly) questioned Sita's North American roots. In reply, another reader added that he hadn’t heard of such one. Actually, a character named Sita does exist - yet, she is traced to the opposite side of planet Earth. And her life was full of drama, not glee. But who knows all those myths and legends? Maybe, American Indians had a Sita of their own? Well, let’s say, as long as the author of the article knew that Sita, everything was fine. And surely, the moderators of the “School of Life” scrutinized the piece prior to publication...


However, the Wikipedia and a book of world mythology that I happen to have at home, did not know such a goddess either. The suspicions grew. Wait a minute! Maybe, “The School of Life” decided to take in the readers? Yes! That must be it! Masters and grand-masters, albeit virtual, couldn’t have mixed up American Indians with Indians in India! In Russian language there is even one letter difference between the two - unlike in English - causing mischeif on its own even without a jolly godess. Yes! Indians in India! Because that’s where Sita belongs, literally! Even the name doesn’t sound American Indian. North American hunter tribes had simple, nature-oriented beliefs. They worshiped animals, spirits... A goddess? And one of humor? Doesn’t jibe. So it must be a prank! But why isn’t everyone on the discussion thread shouting ‘April Fool!’, true to tradition? The deadly silence of the article's author and the moderation crew continued until the end of April Fools' Day and after.  




PS) I have a feeling of déjà vu about this Sita. It haunts me - it seems I had come across her before. Maybe even on the 1st of April. In copywriting environment people often re-write mistakes. Whoever played the practical joke on eventual copypasters, had a sense of humour himself - or herself. To create a goddes of mirth, whose name coinsides with an epic figure from across the globe, and link her to the April Fools' Day - nifty!  



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