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About me

Freelance writer in Russian, English, Ukrainian, translator between English and Russian/Ukrainian



I am a freelance writer and author in Russian, Ukrainian and English as well as translator between English and Russian/Ukrainian (my native languages). I am not a journalist, reporter, blogger or coder - to develop this site I give my own free time and energy. And I do not speak on behalf of anyone else here.


Occasionally, I ghost-write texts to be posted on various web sites or otherwise used. I can read a few foreign languages including Swedish, Italian, French, Finnish and turn out materials based on versatile sources of information. If you feel you may need my help as writer in any way, get in touch. The email is mumikuku_at_mail.ru (just replace _at_ with the the proper at-symbol).


My projects (expained in Russian)


You may also go here to see some of my portfolio.        




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