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SEO text about plastic surgery


Have you ever wondered how many celebrities out there, with their perfect complexions and smooth foreheads, visit a plastic surgeon? Believe us, many. More than you know, more than you can imagine. Looking good has virtually become a commodity.



Whether we like it or not, we see a steep rise in the popularity of procedures that roughly fall into the broad category of plastic surgery. Country X is not an exception. Never mind the movie-stars. Consider this: Girls as young as 25 take anti-ageing treatments. Teenagers fix their noses, ears, chins to feel more confident. Brides-to-be get surgery because they absolutely want to look their best of the best on that special day. In countries where a woman’s beauty is the key to life-success visiting a plastic surgery clinic is routine. Many girls there look forward to the day they will come of age when they may get a special gift – a money-check to make the most of their looks.

Universal beauty-pageants fan the fire. It is common knowledge that many Miss Universe and Miss World contestants 'have it done'. One may be tempted to ask: why do they all do that? Aren’t they afraid?



Surgery versus cosmetic enhancement

In fact, not all treatments are so invasive that they qualify for the word ‘surgery’. We want to differentiate between plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement or augmentation (the other common word). While the aim of plastic surgery is correction of facial features, cosmetic enhancement only improves a person’s appearance. The term ‘cosmetic enhancement’ often refers to fillers or implants (look further down for more on that). While undergoing enhancement, smaller cuts maybe needed. Sometimes it is just a shot like Botox. Popular cosmetic treatments in random order:


Nose-job Properly called rhinoplasty, nose-job in lay terms is one of the earliest types of plastic surgery. As the Hollywood-inspired fad for ‘button-noses’ seems to have passed one may be tempted to think that nose-jobs are less common these days. Don’t be fooled. It is the techniques that have evolved. Now you cannot easily recognize that ‘done’ look.

Tummy tuck Abdominoplasty is even more popular than breast augmentation. Surprised?

Eyelid surgery Blepharoplasty is the common way to take years off one’s face and reduce those crow-feet at the corners. Actors often fall back on that as camera makes every minor detail stand out a mile.

Fillers and implants With the industry offering more and more advanced materials to be used, fillers are probably the most common type of treatment now. There is a wide variety of them. You can enhance practically anything. Filler can be used instead of surgical lifting procedures to reduce wrinkles, to add youthful fullness to the face, for cheek augmentation (oh, those cheekbones!), for lip enhancement, chin implant to correct weak chins, etc.

Boob job Means breast augmentation, also known as breast implant (as in ‘Pamela Anderson’ ;-) Or is she born with them?). The opposite is breast reduction (quite many opt for it, actually).

Butt implants Buttock augmentation is done on those who want a ‘Jennifer Lopez butt’, sort of. Not very common though. This procedure can help plump up sunken or flat buttocks.

Liposuction The proper medical term for excessive fat removal has become a common word. It is a popular treatment and one of the most risky, in fact.

Chemical peel Non-surgical treatment can refresh and rejuvenate one’s skin. However, if you want to give yourself a chem peel, you still have to book time with a plastic surgery clinic. The procedure is rather drastic.

Labial reduction Refers to reshaping (usu. reduction) of the labia. A type of labiaplasty and the recent ‘craze’ thanks to Playboy models looking very trim down there.



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