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So much for the free press

How the “independent” British Daily Mail helps pro-Russian trolls

Sorry for the quality of this video but I am not a Hollywood producer or even the “free” Ukrainian TV, for that matter. Or an “independent” influential top-blogger… And I do not have a heap of time and resources. But it shows something very interesting. What it shows is actually the end of free online information media, not to mention “transparent” social networks, dating services etc.  


Recently I tried to make some comments about the situation in Ukraine on the British Daily Mail. And many of them were not posted, although in certain cases the comments were allegedly “NOT moderated in advance”. The DM has even sent some excuses to my mail – that they have a limit of comments for one article from one user, that the moderation team cannot screen all the comments made, that they “no longer accept comments” blah-blah…



So they cannot… But what they can (and do!) is block a user in such a way that the user would not even suspect! Yesterday evening I went online, typed the DM address and searched for the word “Ukraine” on their index page. I used the “ctrl+F” option and typed the three first letters “ukr” (it is enough). I found no mention (00:40). Given the situation, it was strange. I decided to check this and used a different laptop – the smaller white one in the video – you see, I opened the same address did the same search on the DM index page and there it is! 02:22 – a headline and a couple of places where the “ukr”aine is used do come up! I repeated same searches on two laptops today (it is on the video). Same thing!    


Looks like the Daily Mail (technical or whatever) team shows different versions of their index-page to presumably different users!!!?!??!!! They do not show “Ukraine” to me (me on the first laptop). But they have no way of knowing it is also me using the other laptop and the regular version shows (with Ukraine mentioned)!


So much for the free information media… BUT I AM SURE it is NOT THE EXCLUSIVE KNOW-HOW of the DM. It is the know-how that any person who has access to the code and can freely tinker with it without any trouble. Because: 1) it is very convenient and effective; 2) it is hard to trace and thus practically impossible to make someone answer for it.   


Last time I saw the regular DM page I tried to put some comment-makers straight - their mantra about the “junta in Kiev” that has “overthrown the legitimate government”. I wanted to post a comment saying that-time president had fled the country (at least that’s what we hear on out TV over and over again) so there was no one to overthrow. And that they should at least get their facts right.

I also commented on the eastern “elite” so cherished by certain western friends – the so called “elite” - that fled faster than bats out of hell leaving the old, and poor, and unwanted to fend for themselves. There were many well-to-do people in Donetsk and the East who now live in plush resorts around Kiev and even as far as the Carpathians, teaching their children to mock those who have left their lives in Ukrainian Maidan in winter. And the “junta in Kiev” leaves them be. Maybe the “junta in Kiev” is Russian, too, DM? Along with you, since you block me for my anti-Russian comments? Seriously, why else do they not pay any attention to such blatancy all over the Internet. 




Резюме на русском: британская Daily Mail показывает  разные версии своей главной онлайн страницы разным, как они считают, пользователям.


Пользователю, который до этого несколько раз пытался прокомментировать события в Украине и ответить троллям по поводу "хунты в Киеве", показывается, в итоге, версия БЕЗ статей об Украине вообще.



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Антон 16 окт 2014 ответить
Если это вас успокоит, я словил то же самое за комментарии в защиту России. Если бы все в жизни было по-честному, то было бы нечего комментировать.
mumiku 16 окт 2014 ответить
А каким образом меня это должно успокоить?
Это - проблема Интернета и, в данном случае, британской прессы, а не России или Украины.
mumiku 16 окт 2014 ответить
Тот факт, что они себе позволяют подобное, о многом говорит... И ничего хорошего. Они там учат кучу детей богачей. Напрашивается риторический вопрос: чему учат...
coolXS 22 дек 2014 ответить
Чему учат? Тому, что сами умеют - лгать, изворачиваться, делать вид, что они соль земли и получать по этому поводу деньги
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